What General Contractor Las Vegas service provider worked on BM Centers? 

As a  company in Las Vegas that does business in many fields it was necessary for us to find a local Las Vegas general contractor that would take our needs personally. And it was a long process and there was many general contractors in Las Vegas that seem to be up to taking the work, but there was only one company that would truly treat us on a personal level. It was HR Builders Inc. of Las Vegas that not only stood side-by-side with us every step of the way but also gave us advice on how to handle things and where we could save money where we shouldn't. I would go as far as saying that HR Builders Inc. treated us as if we personally knew this General Contractor for years. 

what you should know about this Las Vegas General Contractor. 

a). HR Builders is licensed by the Nevada Contractors Board as well as the City of Las Vegas as a licensed General Contractor that can do projects up to $500,000 

b). Award Winning General Contractor by Diamond Pages Business Directory

c). 2016 Service Provider Award. 

d) The owner and general contractor has a license I.D. on him to show he has the proper license. 

​e). The general contractor himself is always available to talk to and gives out his personal number to all his clients to talk to at all time. 

What are some of the Laws regarding General Contractors Las Vegas service providers? 

a). All vehicles must be legally marked with the general contractors legal name and license numbers. 

b). The general contractor must be licensed in the city the work is being conducted in. It doesn't matter if the general contractor is licensed in Nevada they must also be licensed in they city there in doing work. 

c). All advertising done by the general contractor must contain the license number as well as the amount the contractor is allowed to take. EXAMPLE; HR BUILDERS Inc. is allowed to take jobs up to $500,000.00. 

d). Depending on the type of job all General contractors Las Vegas service providers must back their work with a particular length of warranty. Nevada Contractors Board would be able to give a guidelines on the length of warranty. See link bellow for the Nevada Contractors Board 

Nevada Contractors Board link http://www.nvcontractorsboard.com/ 

Nevada Contractors Board phone number  (702) 486-1110 ​ 

Our Las Vegas General contractor HR Builders contact information 

HR Builders website www.generalcontractorlasvegasnv.com 

HR Builders phone number 702-279-6800 

License number # 0055170 


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