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Couples Counseling Therapy Care 

It's no secret that many couples have issues and sometimes need help with their communications. And with the proper help most couples can make a huge difference in their relationship. Our marriage counseling Las Vegas therapy sessions is designed to assist you and your spouse with a new way to deliver and receive everyday dealings. What this means is that sometimes we need a better understanding on how our actions are seen or perceived, as well as understand how to deal with everyday frustrations. As a couples & marriage counseling Las Vegas service provider we recognize that if you're seeking help it means you're trying to hold on to something that is very important to you and promise to treat it with the out most care and respect. We will do everything possible to teach you and your spouse new techniques and understanding of one another. And while most couples don't get the help they need the fact that you and your significant other are willing to go to couples or marriage counseling therapy already says something special about you, and that is that you care about one another and that you recognize that there's something worth fighting for. And that's huge in itself. 

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Psychiatry physicians in Las Vegas

What is the difference between therapist and psychiatrist?

​The first thing that should be credited to both therapist and psychiatrists is that they both want to help their ​patients as they are allowed by the laws in the state there in. It's also common in most states that therapist are professionals who offers psychotherapy services by talk therapy. 

Psychiatrists (in Las Vegas) are medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and have an MD medical degree. While a therapist can have a degree certifying them to do psychotherapy. 

​In Las Vegas psychiatrists can prescribe medication as they are credited with being a doctor in the field of mental health. And as a therapist in most cases it's not allowed by law to prescribe medication unless the therapist has other degrees that allow them to do so and they've been cleared by the medical board to do so. But keep in mind that many therapists and psychiatrists work side by side so in a case that a patient might need medication there could be a psychiatrist on staff or a co-worker that can step into the situation in need. 

In some states therapist don't diagnose conditions they're only there to provide help and guidance for patient. Where psychiatrists can diagnose a patient medically and psychologically. 

​The services that a psychiatrist and a therapist offer are also different in some ways. As a psychiatrist does diagnosis, treatment, management, and mental disorders prevention and conditions. And in most cases therapists use different types of psychotherapy.

Our Staff 


Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids offers a wide range of psychiatrist services in Las Vegas providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary care. Our Las Vegas psychiatrist have a team comprised of a variety of mental health professionals ready to assist you at a moments notice. As well as the staff that will provide a safe, confidential and caring environment for all your mental health needs.

 At Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids not only do we have an M.D. Psychiatric Physician that is Board-Certified on staff, but we also have a licensed social worker that is ready to assist in the field as well. 

 Our vision as your Las Vegas psychiatrist service provider is to make you feel comfortable so we can collaborate on reaching an improvement of your mental well-being, treatment, and other personal goals. 

 It will always be Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids mission to deliver the highest quality psychiatrist Las Vegas care services as we possibly can in a professional, timely and a courteous manner. 

'We didn't invent Las Vegas Psychiatrist services,

We only made it more accessible''.

Welcome to Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids a Las Vegas psychiatrist service provider. We put your health and well being first.  We invite you to use our Psychotherapy services for many different reasons. We understand that the decision to use our services for your Las Vegas psychiatrist needs is a big step and will always treat you with the out most respect, integrity, caring, and our well known practice of ethics. As a true local psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids was founded on the idea that our community deserves the very best and we'll do just that every time you use our services.

We don't just offer your everyday Psychiatrist Las Vegas services here, we've taken your Psychiatric needs to the state-of-the-art in Las Vegas. As Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids is one of the few Psychiatry-Psychiatrist Las Vegas service providers to invest in Neurofeedback the most effective, efficient, and noninvasive therapy designed to improve brain function and alleviate a wide variety of mental challenges. 

With many years of accumulated psychiatric and mental health experience among our service providers it's our business to do our best to bring you everything we can to make your next appointment with our Las Vegas Psychiatrist as pleasant as possible. 

Las Vegas Psychiatry Physician Doctors on Staff

Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids


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Award Winning Company
Our psychiatrist Las Vegas services and more

Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids is a Las Vegas service provider committed to practical treatment in the field of psychology.

Our professional approach ensures our clients that they could achieve their full potential, improve mental health, as well as their quality of life. 

As a Psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider we also offer EEG-QEEG, Neurofeedback, Medication Management, Mental Health Assessment, Brain Mapping, Behavioral Health, Basic Skills Training, and Individual and Group Counseling.


Psychiatrist Las Vegas Services

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What Is The Field of Psychiatrists About? 

​Psychiatrists belong to a division of medicine that is concentrated on Psychiatry where the Doctors are focused on the diagnosis, treatment and mental disorders of patients. 
In Las Vegas a Psychiatrist is a medical doctor ''an M.D. or D.O.'' who's area of practice is in mental health, behavioral disorders, and substance use disorders. Psychiatrists deal with both mental and physical aspects of psychological issues. 


People may seek a Psychiatrist for many different reasons. Some are problems that are long terms and some that are not. But an either case it's a doctor in the field Psychiatry that can deal with many types of disorders 

Example of disorders that a Las Vegas Psychiatrist might deal with; 

Panic attacks, hallucinations, hearing voices, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, PTSD, hopelessness, sadness and depression.. 

Psychiatrist Las Vegas Nevada Service Provider

About Therapists, Social Workers,

and Psychiatrist Las Vegas services. 

​Like any service in the field of health care you should always do your due diligence properly. After all it's your health we're talking about and when looking for a local Las Vegas Psychiatrist it's no different. All patients in the state of Nevada mental or/and clinical should know there's a system in place.

For psychiatrist in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada it would be the Board of Medical Examiners (by the state of Nevada). 

 At Skills 4 Kids we have many people on staff ready to help with many different types of needs, It's not just for people who are in need of a psychiatrists. We also have professionals in the field of therapists, social workers, and counselors.  Some of our staff is registered with the ​Nevada Board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapists & Clinical Professional Counselor.


 Another area covered by Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids is our Therapists services. We have therapists on staff that are licensed by the Nevada Board of Examiners For Social Workers and have their master's degree (LCSW). ​

Therapist can help you in many different areas such as therapy counselling and mental health. We realize it's not always easy to say I need help, but if you need help our therapists and psychiatrist Las Vegas services are here to do just that​. 

psychiatrist Las Vegas psychiatry services

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